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The jewelled headband: how to style for your wedding and beyond

You're unlikely to be following its trajectory as closely as I am, but you may well have noticed that the headband is on a high, with images from catwalk and royal walkabouts filling Instagram feeds. Its fashion heritage is long, with memorable peaks in the 50s (think Grace Kelly sleek) and 60s (Bardot, of course) and again with the Alice band in the 1980s. Yet, styling a headband can be tricky: you need to calibrate the cutesy factor. But, that is absolutely feasible and the result can be truly stunning. Here are our tips to making this 'of the moment' accessory work for your wedding and beyond.

My favourite incarnation of this hair accessory is the jewelled cluster headband, featuring beautiful vintage jewellery elements in an eclectic but artful assemblage. It can make the perfect wedding headpiece. Here are some styling ideas as to how to get it right.

Embrace 'more is more'

Don't be afraid of scale. Going big with either width or height can work extremely well. Balance the scale of the piece by soft hair styling. The large Meadow Bandeau Headband from our Signature Headpiece Collection works so well because the vintage jewelled elements have a gentle tone and finish. Some elements clearly display the patina of age which takes the brashness away from such a bold design. Hair is kept elegant but natural. For an ultra feminine look, pair with intricate lace or floral fabrics.

A bold headband also works well with a veil. Wear on top of an elaborate embroidered or lace veil.

Or position under sheer, plain tulle.

Balance the bold with the pared back

Pair a colourful vintage jewelled headband with an understated, elegant gown, injecting the right amount of joie de vivre into your bridal or occasionwear look and keeping it youthful and fun.

Wear and Wear Again

Don't be shy of wearing your wedding headband after the big day is over. Its the perfect accessory for a special night out on your honeymoon or anniversary. Again, the trick to making sure your headband choice doesn’t look too costumey is to always include an element of the 'undone'. Pair with a simple, elegant top and black trousers or dress and enjoy the compliments that come your way.

If you would like some more styling advice on headbands, or indeed, any headpiece design, please feel free to email us on Or if you would like to come and try on some of our jewelled headbands, do please get in touch to find out about our upcoming events or to make an appointment to come and see us at our home studio in West Sussex.

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images 2, 6 and 7: Photography by Bea

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