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Agnes Walker was the name of one of my great-grandmothers - on my mother's side. I never met her; she died before I was born, nevertheless 'Gran' was a compelling figure in family folklore. Her long life spanned 98 years from the mid-Victorian period to the 1960s: a century of great change in our culture and of enormous fascination to me.
Ours was not a family that passed down heirlooms: stories, yes, and photographs thankfully, but not much in the way of jewellery or objects d'art. Perhaps that is why I am so keen to collect and curate!
I do have my own grandmother, Lottie Walker, however, to thank for starting me off on this journey. She had an eye for sartorial details - be it a hat, gloves or a decorative brooch on her lapel. My first reworked vintage designs, indeed, featured costume pieces from her jewellery box.
Thinking of Agnes makes me feel connected - not just to her and her line, but to the unknown women from the past who might have enjoyed the treasures I seek and source, and to those who might appreciate them in the future.
Bringing my background as an historian into my designs and curation, I like to combine Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences with a modern aesthetic and approach, creating distinctive and collectible accessories for thoughtful, stylish people who treasure jewellery for its uniqueness and history. 
Abby Gadd - creative director and designer.
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