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It's always exciting to get an open-ended enquiry by email. Claudia approached us with just that - a simple message saying that her wedding dress designer, Sally Lacock, had suggested she get in touch with us as she was looking for 'something special to wear in her hair'. That's all it takes to whet our appetite! After a bit more browsing through our website and instagram feed, Claudia was able to narrow down her vision; something with a loosely 'art deco' feel, 'perhaps in pale blues or greens' in a softly 'curved rectangular shape', and we were away!

With the budget set, a little volley of emails followed, a beautiful suite of vintage jewellery elements was selected, and a general design shape and size settled upon. Little changes were made and the design details were perfected. Claudia's Mum and sisters were consulted on the final arrangement and the vintage jewelled headpiece was made. Claudia's reaction: 'I absolutely love it, it's beautiful'. We are sure you'll agree that it complemented Claudia's romantic gown and flowers perfectly.

Claudia and Max's wedding took place at the beautiful Dewsall Court near Hereford. Their stunning photographs are by Sussex-based wedding photographer Martin Beddall

How incredibly lovely does Claudia look? The sleeves and soft frill on that exquisite lace Sally Lacock dress! That soft, romantic bouquet - just heavenly. That white scooter 'get-away' vehicle! And my, what a wedding party!

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