Pink Jewelled Tiara

Pink Jewelled Tiara


A elegant mid-height tiara featuring ten vintage rose pink rhinestone and crystal jewellery elements from 1930s-1960s. Vintage brooches, earrings and beads have been selected to create a sinous and open design, allowing the hair to be seen through the beautiful shapes created by the vintage jewellery.


Set on a tiara band ribboned in a soft gold satin.


Approx dimensions: length of tiara band 32cm; length of detail 24cm; height 5cm tapering to 2.5cm.


This is a one-off design but we can recreate its shape and feel in colours to suit your requirements.



  • One-of-kind design

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece - available to buy now.


    We are able to create a similar design to suit your requirements. Please use the form above to specify your design details and we will email you back to discuss in more detail.