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Antique wax flower headdress

Antique wax flower headdress


A beautiful and rare antique bees wax wedding headpiece. Most likely to be French and dating from the late 1880s-1900. The design features buds as well as some open flowers and green leaves. The wax has darkened to a soft creamy beige. There is some petal damage, but considering its age, it is very minimal and does not detract from the beauty and romance of the piece.


It is very light, and can be worn as a tiara or crown or at the back of the head, perhaps at the top of a veil. This would bring a more contemporary feel to this antique treasure. At present, there is no comb attached to this piece. It can be pinned into the hair with kirby grips. However, please email if you would like to discuss having it mounted on combs.


Alternatively, this lovely antique could be used as a corsage, or incorporated into a bouquet. 


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