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Antique Mother of Pearl Leaf Diadem

Antique Mother of Pearl Leaf Diadem


A beautiful, light bridal headpiece made from 1920s/30s carved mother of pearl leaves, each set with a tiny Swarovski crsytal on a flexible ribboned band.


This one-of-a-kind tiara is created from antique carved mother of pearl leaves arranged as a diadem. It is light and comfortable to wear and is simply pinned into the hair with hair grips via the loops at the end of the band. Alternatively, skinny ribbons can be looped through the wire base and tied behind. Wear low to the hairline for a 1920s, flapper feel, or position higher on the crown for a more classic look. Unique and utterly beautiful, with unstated vintage glamour.


Approx dimensions: Hairband measures approx 34cm long. The leafy detail measures approx 25 cm long and is 3cm at its tallest point in the centre.

  • Made to Order with vintage components

    This design is made to order with vintage components, so the exact nature of the mother of pearl leaves may vary slightly in terms of size and colour. However, we will keep the design and overal dimensions the same.


    We are able to create a custom order design to suit your requirements. Please use the form above to specify your design details and we will email you back to discuss in more detail.

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